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For Ambitious People In The London Area ONLY

Give Me 2 Days And I’ll Equip You With The Latest Real Estate Strategies, Markets and Trends

So You Can Buy Rental Properties Stress-Free This Year!

Plus, you’ll get our calculations, scripts and SOPs worth over £997 for FREE at the event.

(And I’ll propose a partnership offer to a few people– more about it below…)

Only 200 Free Tickets Available


Quick Overview:

Here’s how to apply for training

(and potentially partner with Mark Harvey)

1. Sign up for the FREE 2-day event to get full training on our Creative Property Strategies and Tactics for buying real estate for maximum profits and minimum taxes

2. Attend the event (You can see the event date and location at the top of the page)

3. You’ll leave the event with our 6-step property blueprint, SOPs, tools, property strategies, market updates and connections

4. If we both decide we’re a good fit, we’ll consider offering you a partnership on our projects (Continue reading for details…)

What if I told you

there’s a way to close your first deal in a few weeks from now…

What would it mean to you?

Are you looking to add a second revenue stream so you can provide for your loved ones in these crazy times?

Or you prefer to break free from the rat race… so you can spend more time with your family and kids?

I personally got into property to be able to watch my girls grow. Now I want to help YOU attain that freedom!

At our previous training, our attendees raised over £1 million.

Several people closed their first property deals!

Even our youngest student, a 17-year-old Connor closed a deal. (With over £50,000 of profit in it!)

Watch the video of 17-year-old Connor closing his first deal!

Is It Really Possible To Launch A Property Business That Fast?

People Take Months or Years To Buy A Property…

(...the answer is ‘YES’, but you need to have the right system and the right approach!)

Many gurus still teach the old methods that used to work a decade ago. No wonder most people never get into property and buy a house.

Plus, the old methods take an extremely long time and much effort.

The way I see it… you have 2 options:

Old Way

(Property Investors)

  • Work alone and trade their time. They take care of each step of the process (from finding deals and raising finance to closing deals)

  • Take months or even years to learn property evaluation, raising funds and other crucial skills… again, because they work alone.

  • Working long hours and sacrificing family time, weekends and vacations… that they regret later!

  • Constantly on the run between the construction sites, office, suppliers and clients…


New Way

(Property Entrepreneurs)

  • Build a team that specialises in each step of the process

  • Cutting-edge systems and processes for raising finance and finding and closing deals… so the entire business works like an oiled machine!

  • Flexible schedule and more free time due to automated processes and systems

  • Focus on building several revenue streams so they can thrive no matter what’s happening in the world


From the desk of Mark Harvey

March 26th, 2024

Before we begin – you should know this…

I don’t have much time left.

I’m in a tight place. I’ve started building a MASSIVE resort throughout the UK. However…

There’s not enough accommodation supply around my resorts.

If I don’t provide enough apartments soon – my resort will turn into a ‘ghost town’ and I will lose hundreds of thousands of pounds.

That’s why I’m training an army of property entrepreneurs for free to help me provide beds around the resort.

But first – I need to know one thing…

What Stops You From Getting Into Real Estate?

Most people are scared of complex property calculations…

…and they feel they lack the experience and knowledge to get started in property.

Some people can’t find time… and some people don’t have the capital.

How about you?

And most importantly…

Are you ready to tackle your biggest challenge together with me, my team and other aspiring proprietors?

If You’re Dead Serious About Getting Into Real Estate This Year So You Can Provide For People Who Rely On You…

(Maybe you want to buy some nice things… or provide the best education for your kids and leave a legacy behind…)

If you’re dead serious about making a life you and your spouse can be proud of…

…a life that gets you excited and energised about each new day…

Then I urge you to read this message because it’s highly beneficial for both of us.

Here’s what it’s all about:

I’m literally training future business partners so it’s in my best interest to help you become a successful property entrepreneur in the shortest time possible.

Usually, I charge £997 or more for a physical event like this.

But because I need your help to provide accommodation around my resort…

I’ll train you and give you my best resources for FREE!

So I’m Going To Shamelessly Bribe You With The Most Ludicrous Real Estate Package + Partnership Offer You’ve Ever Seen!

So that we can both get the most out of my ‘accommodation’ crisis…

Only 200 Free Tickets Available


How to get started without touching your savings. I’ll show you how I raised finance step-by-step (this one was a game-changer for me since I started from a debt of -£150,000!).


Busy people LOVE this. A little-known TEM formula that allows you to leverage other people’s knowledge, time and money so you can progress 10x faster without having to do it all yourself!

You Just Need To Say ‘Maybe’...

And You Too Could Potentially Get Funds Over The Weekend!

Only 200 Free Tickets Available

Plus… You’ll Get These FREE Bonuses When You Join TODAY!


This is the exact system I used to build my property business from scratch to £16 million.


These creative strategies will help you make more money with each property deal.


Not sure how to do property evaluation? Grab our calculator, plug in your numbers - and let it do the rest for you!


You can do property alone. Or with a team. This will show you how to attract and keep experts.


Don’t depend on one property and one investor. Watch how I keep my pipeline full all year long!


How to get started without touching your savings. I’ll show you how I raised finance step-by-step (this one was a game-changer for me since I started from a debt of -£150,000!).


Busy people LOVE this. A little-known TEM formula that allows you to leverage other people’s knowledge, time and money so you can progress 10x faster without having to do it all yourself!

But first…

Who am I and why should you trust me?

In case we haven’t met yet…

Hi, I'm Mark Harvey – a husband, father of 5 and a property entrepreneur. 

You might have seen me on the stage with Robert Kiyosaki…

…or in the TV show ‘Rich House Poor House’.

But only 6 years ago, I used to be a construction worker with big ambitions… and empty pockets.

It led me to depression, so I spent a good deal of time on the couch – indulged in alcohol and other substances. 

That’s when my baby girl was born that I received a wake up slap!

From there, I discovered a way to get out of debt and build a £16 million property portfolio…

And I helped dozens of other ambitious people build their own fortune and dream lifestyle!

And I’ve Helped Over 320+ Regular Folks Just Like Ourselves To Break Into Real Estate and Achieve Their Dreams and Aspirations!

“...the venture of ours was to provide the best education for our kids and a pension for ourselves.”

  • - Richard and Susan

“I was a welder. I took property seriously, learned the process, attended the training… and I’ve grown since then.”

  • - Josh

A doctor transitioned into a property entrepreneur and built a £3 million portfolio generating £10k/month. He travelled the world with his family and made his dream come true!

Now That You (Hopefully) Trust Me, Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Over the 2-day Event: 

Session #1

Essential Property Investment Calculations For Handling Your Deals and Taxes

Numbers are everything in real estate.

If you know your ROI – you have banks, investors and agents under your fingertips.

And even though you’ll not become an accountant – you’ll know how you can reduce your tax bill and pocket your hard-earned money instead of giving it away to HMRC. Sweet victory!

Plus, you’ll get our in-house Deal Calculator that we use in our business to do complex calculations with a few clicks!

  • Plug your numbers into the Deal Calculator, and you can calculate the revenue, expenses, and profits for each and every deal with a few clicks! (That way, you’ll be able to invest in cream-of-the-crop deals and maximise your profits!)

  • NEVER make a human error in calculations again! With the fully automated calculator – you’ll be able to make decisions based on correct and precise numbers and avoid costly mistakes!

  • Ditch expensive agencies and consultants who charge an arm and a leg for a simple property calculation. (From now on, you can do calculations with confidence all by yourself!)

And when we’re done with calculations, it’s time for…

Session #2

Raising Finances On The Spot

(Not later, not some other day – we’ll work on finances DURING the event!)

A few months ago, I decided to do something that no other property mentor did.

Instead of just talking about how to secure property funds...

I decided to turn the venue into a ‘boiler room’ and raise finances ON THE SPOT.

All of the attendees received my word-for-word script for raising finances. They placed the script near their calculation sheets and started dialling potential investors.

Long story short…

We raised £2,293,600 the very same day.

I held another event…. We raised just short of £2 million.

Then another event… BAAAM!! Over £3 million, a record.

We’re constantly raising the bar – and I’m so excited to break another record at our upcoming Property Entrepreneur Bootcamp!

And that’s what we’ll do. We will (among everything) raise finances.

  • You’ll get my word-for-word script for raising finances without asking directly for money, but offering a profit-share opportunity!  (That way, you’ll strengthen your relationships with people and gain respect for thinking about them and their interests!)

  • Get access to OPM (Other People’s Money) so you can supplement your property deposit and secure enough funds over the weekend…. So you can start negotiating a deal in the following weeks!

  • What you must NEVER say in a fund-raising call if you don’t want investors to hang up the phone. (It took me 8 months to correct my approach. Once I did it – my property funds bloomed suddenly!)

  • How to use Property Calculations to motivate your relatives, friends, and investors to give you their hard-earned money and thank you for that! (As I told you, when you know your numbers, everyone is more likely to partner with you.)

  • And more…

Session #3

Finding The ‘Hidden-Gem’ Property Deals

With a High Profit Potential

When I was buying my first property deal – I was always asking myself where I could find property deals that offer above-average returns.

That’s when I found this ‘GAP’ Method for finding forgotten (and often not listed) properties…

…that also have huge profit potential.

The secret of the ‘GAP’ method is finding properties where you can add more rooms and increase the property value. (From there, you can get bigger loans, have more tenants, and earn more money!)

This session will open your eyes and make you see potential deals on every corner of the city!

(Hint: if you rely only on Zoopla and Rightmove, you’re missing out on the entire market of unlisted gems!)

Session #4

Top 6 Property Strategies For 2024

Before we begin with the next session – you’ll know exactly:

Where and how to find deals that yield high returns…

…how to do precise property calculations without hiring agencies…

…and you’ll be working on securing property funds.

And finally, you’re ready for the most interesting part - MONETISING YOUR PROPERTY.

Forget about old, outdated strategies from the last decade. I’m going to share with you the top 6 strategies that are working right now.

  • Maximise your cashflow and profits by implementing the most suitable strategy for your property and your market. (In some cases, you can increase your returns by 380% by switching from one strategy to another, just like I did for a property in a touristy area!)

  • Mitigate your risk so you can safeguard your returns and wealth even when the market is highly volatile! (The richest investors do this FIRST to secure their wealth and portfolio. Highly recommended!)

  • Make higher profits with a few units than your less-informed competitors make with the entire portfolio! Once you discover how to turn one house into several units – you’ll be able to multiply your revenue and profits with a single deal!

  • A simple trick to trigger Property Appreciation so you can get bigger loans, charge higher fees and earn more money. 

  • And much more…

If you attended only these 4 sessions – you’d get enough information and capital to break into real estate and close a few deals by yourself.

And if that’s your goal, perfect! 

You can leave the event after this session and go work on a deal.

But if you want to build a serious property business and pass the 7-figure mark – then the last two sessions will help you get there.

Let’s begin with….

Session #5

Team Building Secrets To Attracting Top Talents To Your Team

You can do deals alone. 


You can build a team of top experts. They will take care of each step of the process and take tasks off your plate. 

If you prefer the latter one – I’ll show you how I built a winning team of highly motivated experts.

Not only do I outsource most of my daily tasks (so I can spend more time with my family and play tennis)...

…but I’m able to AUTOMATE my property business – so I’m confident that my business grows with or without me.

If you want the same freedom for yourself, my ‘Team Building’ Secrets will help you attract and onboard experts and good folks!

And last but not least…

Session #6

Fill Your Pipeline With Deals And Investors


If you want to have a fast-growing business that never runs out of deals and investors - the last sessions will reveal to you the last missing part of the puzzle.

I’m going to share with you things that you can’t find ANYWHERE else. For example…

  • How to build an army of plumbers, electricians, landlords, agents and other professionals to report property deals they discover to you. (This little ‘Thank You’ offer will encourage them to come to YOU first!)

  • A little-known financing trick to get bigger loans by implementing ‘Gap Value Appreciation’ that’s 100% legal. (In fact, I do this for all of my deals every time!)

  • How the government generously lends property funds for returning old buildings to the market… so you can get an injection of ‘free capital’ for temporarily abandoned buildings!

  • And other secrets that lawyers charge an arm and a leg to reveal… that you get at this event for FREE!

I offer a special deal right now!

How much would you be willing to pay to get these systems and strategies… and to implement them with a mentor?

How much would you pay for FINANCIAL and TIME freedom?

I’ve been charging £297 for a similar event in the past.

But this time I have a special offer for you:



(For early action-tackers!)

Here’s what’s next….

This closed-door event is very limited - so I want to hand-pick only ambitious and hard-working people.

That’s why I’ve prepared this short application form. To filter out ‘seminar visitors’ from serious and determined people like you! 

So click on the link below, fill out and submit the application. Someone from our team will give you a call to confirm your FREE seat (If we are a good fit, of course.)


So, who is this program for?

Whether you’re looking to buy a few rental properties to escape your 9-5…

Or you’re looking to build a serious, multi-million property business that will last for generations…

This event will give you the strategies and tools that work at scale.

You’ll leave the event with a clear, step-by-step action plan to build that ‘passive income’ lifestyle where you have time, money and energy – instead of slaving away for other people’s benefit.

And if you stick to my plan – I guarantee you’ll achieve the time and income freedom.

Just stick to the plan – and next year this time you can live a life and meet people you never thought was possible for you and your family.

Are you ready to take the first step and give yourself a chance to build that life?

Why Not Give Yourself A Chance To Make Your Dream Come True This Year?

So if you want to get into real estate and provide that kind of life for your family and kids…

And If you want to live up to your potential and ambitions…

But you don’t want to put your finances and your career at risk…

Then join this FREE event and get all the pieces of my successful property business.

From there, there are two options:

#1 We decide we’re a good fit and we partner. In that scenario, you’ll provide accommodation for my guests. In return, you’ll have many guests coming to your apartment.


#2 You can decide to do deals on your own.

One way or another, I urge you to sign up for this event and give yourself a chance to break into real estate and potentially partner with my business. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change your life and build a legacy for your family.

Look forward to speaking with you!

To your success,

Only 200 Free Tickets Available

P.S. Some more testimonials…

"I met a few people who trust me, and I managed to raise some finance. I have raised 1 million pounds... The (event) experience is amazing." -

- Vladimir Kazaks

"I raised money, not directly I would say, but I made a few calls to people who know and trust me, and I sent them an offer. I think (I raised) about £250,000.” -

- Tatiana

"You've got to start somewhere. You will meet so many people here and these people could be your ally. These people could be your business partner." -

- Charlie & Corey

Limited seats in the venue. If you want to secure yours for the “Property Entrepreneur Bootcamp”, you need to act fast!

Demand for this event is through the roof… but the number of seats in the venue is limited.

If you want to get my entire system and strategies so you can launch your property business fast… and earn the time and financial freedom…

Then this might be your last chance to join the event for FREE. So click on the link below and book your seat.

I’ll see you there!


"So I went from having a flat in Brighton, to having the equivalent of 7 properties now. And my personal net worth has gone up by £2.6 million in three years.” -

Rhett Brewer

"From being an engineer to now ,we have a portfolio of just under £2 million.” -

Warren Reid

Since joining Real Life Trainings we have managed to raise over £1.45 million in private investment funding whilst getting over 236% Return on Investment” -

Andy Matin

"The Value of Our Portfolio is £2.7 million, this has increased from 500k since joining Real Life Trainings! We saw this massive increase when our mindset changed to do more than one deal at a time...” -

Haps and Reema Sandhu


Who is Real Life Property Entrepreneur Bootcamp For?

This event is for anyone that is looking to take their property business to the next level, whether that is getting started or growing it to 7 figures!

How much does the training cost?

The 2-day training is FREE for early action-tackers!

Where and When is the event?

This event will take place on DATE: 21st-22nd June, 2024 | Location: 📍TBC

Access to the event is by registration only and we will sign you in on the day.

FAQ image

What are the timings?

Registration starts at 8am. Our trainers are committed to the highest standard of presentation and insists that all materials are covered. Therefore, we ask that people ensure they will be available if we run over, as the schedule may vary.

Can I bring a spouse or business partner?

Absolutely! You can bring as many people as you wish but remember, once our tickets sell out, that's it! Make sure you take action and purchase as many as you need.

What do I need to bring?

You just need to BRING yourself, and a DEVICE that can access the Internet… and leave the rest to Mark and his team as they help you find deals right there in the room with you.

What Should I Wear?

Dress code is business casual and isn't too strict but, remember, there will be plenty of networking opportunities, so you might want to dress appropriately. Please bring an extra layer as it can get cold in the venue.

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